Vehicle Diagnostics Do you need a car diagnostic test? Have you noticed a dashboard light coming on or wondered why your car didn’t seem to be running properly? at VA AUTO SERVICE INC we can carry out vehicle diagnostics for all car makes and models.

Using tools from VIDA (Vehicle Information and Diagnostics for After Sales), Delphi and Omitec diagnostics equipment, we can identify and sort out all problems associated with engine diagnostics.

Effective fault diagnostics enables us to speedily identify problems and order the correct parts. You don’t have to go to a dealership for a car diagnostic test, at VA AUTO SERVICE INC we can take care of vehicle diagnostics for all car makes and models for you. Most modern cars have the capability to produce a large variety of fault codes which get stored in the vehicle’s memory system.

Some cars have several units which control engine management, brakes, suspension and even windscreen wipers. With the diagnostic equipment at our disposal it is possible to identify the correct cause of the fault or problem and rectify it before the problem escalates.

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