Oil Changes

Changing the Oil (Additional Charge – Over 5 Qts.)
Changing Oil Filter (Additional Charge – Some Vehicles)\
Checking Brake Fluid
Coolant Hose Inspection
Check Air Filter
Check PCV Valve
Check Driving Lights
Check & Adjust Tire Pressure
Check Wiper Blades
Fluid Leak Inspection
Oil Drain Plug & Gasket Inspection
Check Battery
Check Alternator
Fill as Needed
Clutch Fluid
Transmission/Transaxle Fluid
Coolant/Anti-Freeze (Up to 1 Qrt.)
Rear Differential Fluid (Up to 1 Qrt.)
Front Differential Fluid (Up to 1 Qrt.)
Transfer Case Fluid (Up to 1 Qrt.)
Washer Fluid
Power Steering Fluid
+ Tax & $1.99 Hazardous Waste Disposal Fee

Other Services